Slot machine test: Belissimo!

Italian feelings are there for you in the slots Belissimo!, which you can play in the slot machine Casino. To be exact it somewhere go, but in a pizzeria, which already is waiting with their delicious and fresh gebackenden pizzas. But you're certainly not here to stuff you with the stomach. Profits are what you're looking for and you can it in Belissimo! quite give. While the machine developed by Quickfire is actually quite simple. Instead of a variety of confusing bonus features, there is a simple box of three reels and a few symbols for you. But you let not be confused, because the great strength of Belissimo is in this simplicity!, which can strike again and again in every round. Belissimo! come with very little luggage, measured on the symbols, but with very good values, your cash can bring to the ring. And hunger there is free by the way also served on pizza.

Enters the special pizzeria Belissimo! in the CherryCasino. Just make a short registration that can recharge account and make real profits. The alternative is that you also Belissimo! play for free can, if you're looking for only just a bit of fun.

Play Belissimo! online now!

Belissimo! play online

About what it's about Belissimo! to say you'll see also directly on the field of play. A payout table does not exist, because all the information is here already assembled. This is due to the construction of the machines, which just consists of three reel, five payline, and four different symbols. But is also its strength, because in this way, profits come relatively quickly. This happened in Belissimo! no different than in other slots. Same symbols must be on one of the lines, then there is a profit.

Multiple line winnings in a round should arise, then you may be happy simply over the sum, which will be credited to your account. And even though the Belissimo! Slot has just over five win lines, you can even move them if you want to play less so with. Otherwise, the usage should be but the main adjustment screw, which you do assert your influence. It is considered that higher usage can also lead to higher profits. But also the wager is deducted in each round from your account, that fills only if you make profits. Since it is important to find out a good mix so that you have used enough at the right moment.

Slot game symbols in the Belissimo! online slot

If anything in Belissimo! clearly is, then there are the icons, of which there are just four. At least more or less, because in fact they are similar. There is a bar symbol, which is once again available in double and triple versions. These symbols can even be mixed, it revealed only the lowest income in the Belissimo but then! Slot machine is possible. Above all, but perched seven with the wood-burning oven, which can cause much higher profits. Beside the icons, there's also something especially classic machines usually have - namely blank fields in the game. Yet there is relatively often line profits, which is not surprising for the number of symbols.

Slot machines instructions by Belissimo!

If you are maybe still a delicious pizza next to you did, then you could be equipped with everything, what you to play Belissimo! need in the Casino. You can choose but before the first turn, whether you want to go into the real money game. Sign up in the slots casino in order to deposit money before. And if not, try the free slot machine games. The game itself is self-explanatory in function.

Conclusion to the Belissimo! Test

it is good that it slots like the slots Belissimo! is where less is more. You need to settle for you so here with less than in the other games, because there are no special bonus features. But therein also the advantage is, because there are just to easy win, what more easily pay for themselves can.

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